Minimum Requirements

This version contains an older NavData-Cycle (1307) by Navigraph (Thanks a lot). You may update the cycle here (Read the guide for instructions).

EULA (End-User License Agreement)

Download EFASS (Official Stable Version)

This is the latest stable release of EFASS. It is recommended to download this version, unless you want to participate as Beta-Tester. In that case download the Developer-Version below.

Download EFASS v1.0.2336.8240
(Released: 19.Dec.2014 12:28 UTC)

SHA1: 718c65f9579c8919610ba3a100713e708b90cdcf
SHA256: d34fe79607993346ab1e9d2f94f4e4783f9d1b77fc82fb8fc967c7fac018e704
MD5: 3f5a58874450292e4194edc414eb4908
Scanned by VirusTotal: Status Clean.

Download Beta-Release (Newer version for Beta-Testing)

The stable version above is currently the latest release.

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