Minimum Requirements

This version contains an older NavData-Cycle (1307) by Navigraph (Thanks a lot). You may update the cycle here (Read the guide for instructions).

EULA (End-User License Agreement)

Download EFASS (Official Stable Version)

This is the latest stable release of EFASS. It is recommended to download this version, unless you want to participate as Beta-Tester. In that case download the Developer-Version below.

Download EFASS v1.0.1034.8252
(Released: 26.Jul.2015 09:07 UTC)

SHA1: e0f309406e270abbc4f80e3292d03097b37880c6
SHA256: 8dcd79846bf9c2b32520a0e4c69a29cdcb70ef93f67f22340c76b355e7269288
MD5: a53874f249f6e449c5a7d8f9cc2db45c
Scanned by VirusTotal: Status Clean.

Download Beta-Release (Newer version for Beta-Testing)

The stable version above is currently the latest release.

Download EFASS NG (Public Beta)

Note: The public Beta is available for users who already bought EFASS v1.x only! We strongly recommend to stick to EFASS v1.X if you are an unexperienced users. The beta of EFASS NG may contain many bugs and is not intended for use in a productive environment. To get an EFASS NG Public Beta Key, visit this page. Please read the FAQ.

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